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How to Select the right Shuffleboard Powder

How to Select the right Shuffleboard Powder

Posted by Xtreme Gameroom on Apr 07, 2020

How to Select the right Shuffleboard Powder

Also called Shuffleboard Sand & Shuffleboard Wax


Sun-Glo Shuffleboard Speed # Forrmerly Called Recomended Use:
Sun-Glo Speed 1 Super Glide Fastest powder around! Pure silicone ball bearings. use on tables 22' and larger
Sun-Glo Speed 1.5   Professional player. With a competitive mix that allows players to move the puck with accuracy and control, use on tables 22' and larger
Sun-Glo Speed 2 Tournament Gold Formulated for the serious player. Used in most tournament play and preferred by professionals, use on tables 22' and larger
Sun-Glo Speed 3 Brown Bear Fast Game and control as well use on 14' tables and larger
Sun-Glo Speed 4 Yellow Bear Fast game with more control use on 14' tables and larger
Sun-Glo Speed 5 5 Star Perfect for shuffleboard  14' to 22' foot tables.
Sun-Glo Speed 6 Medium Speed Perfect for shuffleboard  9' to 12' foot tables.
Sun-Glo Speed 7   Used on Bowlers Shuffle Alley


Shuffleboard powder is categorized by speeds. A speed powder rating of 1 is the Fastest while a rating of 7 is the slowest. Shuffleboard Powder is essential to creating an ideal playing surface. Even though shuffleboard table has a finish that is smooth, playing without shuffleboard powder will ruin you Shuffleboard table.

Shuffleboard Powder Guide

Shuffleboard Powder has been given many names. You may have heard it called shuffleboard wax, dust, sand, sawdust, salt, silicone, etc. Whatever you call it, shuffleboard powder will improve your game. If you’re still a rookie, no problem.

Selecting the right shuffleboard powder depends on a couple of things. The length of your shuffleboard table and the seep you like to play at. This is because of how the puck and the surface of the table will interact with different Shuffleboard powders. If you’ve ever played on an shuffleboard table without powder, you have noticed that the puck doesn’t glide.

For longer tables, use a fastest powders speed 1 or speed 2 to help keep the weight moving accross the entire table. For shorter tables, you want to use a slow wax speed 5 or 6. Using a speed 6 on a short table will prevent shots from sliding too far. It also makes it much easier to gauge the strength of your shot as the surface will be less sensitive and will have some type of resistance/friction. Using a medium-fast wax on a short table will make your shot fly off the end of the table.

Shuffleboard powder affects the speed of the puck, control, and distance of your shot. Fast powder should be reserved for advanced and experienced shuffleboard players who have a firm grip on the game. Yet and still, you should try experimenting so that you can learn the feel of the game once you are comfortable with your shuffleboard strategy.

Shuffleboard powder is made of a combination of dried silicone beads and ground corn. The length of your table can also alter your perception of speed. A slow powder will seem even slower on a longer table so this is something to keep in mind when attempting to gauge the right powder for your table. You can also mix powders to create your own personal concoction.

Selecting the right shuffleboard powder is just as important as Choosing the Right Shuffleboard Table. As you can imagine, all shuffleboards are not created equally. Likewise all powders serve a different purpose. It’s best to keep an assortment of powders so that you can whip out the right shuffleboard powder for the job.

Best Shuffleboard Powder

Sun-Glo makes some of the best shuffleboard powder with a range of speed ratings. They work just as well as some of the higher priced powders but they don’t cost quite as much. This is great because you don’t have to worry about being stingy with your shuffleboard powder.

Sprinkle it on generously so that it doesn’t compromise your game!