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Pac Man Table Arcade

Pac Man Table Arcade

Posted by Xtreme Gameroom on Apr 07, 2020

Pac Man Table Arcade

retro arcade game table with 60 classic games retro arcade game table with 60 classic games

Black Pac Man Table Arcade

Figured Mahogany Pac Man Table Arcade

Pac is Back!

For all of you  Classic 80's Arcade kids, the Pac Man Table Arcade is back (Pacman that is) along with his beloved wife, Ms. Pacman. This sturdy classic arcadegames table is made with the highest quality in mind, along with a 2 year warranty. So go ahead and play hard! It won't break the Bank.

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Remember back in the 80's when arcade was so hot? You could find one of these  Pacman Galaga or Ms. Pacman Arcade tables in any restaurant or business. You put in quarters and played for hours while your parent ate their supper until it drove them nuts or you ran out of quarters. Well, now you can play to your heart's content with no limits and no quarters! But for those of you who insist on making a little money, order yours with a coin door so you have to insert quarters if that floats your boat. Just consider it the world's largest piggy bank!

Our high quality  Pac man and Ms. Pacman Arcade cocktail table is available now at a reduced price of a savings of $100's over the orignial Price. Relive your favorite era when Pacman ruled the earth. The cabinet is made of 3/4 inch plywood Laminate in 2 colors and features a 1" hard plywood top. Our table can stand up to 2000 lbs. of weight so a sumo wrestler could sit on it and it wouldn't break--(but please don't try that!)

Our tables are built to withstand over 50 years of commercial use from tireless playing so you don't have to worry about working it too hard. It's a great place to eat & socialize too!


2 Cabinet Colors
3 Graphic Options
Coin Door Option
3/4 inch plywood
2 Year Warranty
Wilsonart laminate
Solid Construction "Corners are glued, screwed, and stapled"
Adjustable feet ( to 3 inches)
1/4 Tempered glass for safety
High polish sheen
VGA LCD Monitor
Trackballs for both players
Three play buttons
Game Size  30" Tall, 22" Deep, 34.5" Wide

As you can see we pack everything the original tables had into this unit so you can play with realistic graphics and authenticity for hours and hours!

Pacman Table Arcade

Let's face it-you could get a copy of the  Pac man or Ms. Pacman game and play it on your computer, but that's nothing in comparison to playing it the way you used to on this awesome industry standard cocktail table. Experience the graphics up close and personal and in real life, as opposed to having a computer screen between you. Pac man fanatics understand what I mean when I say you haven't played Pacman until you've played on this high quality cocktail table memorabilia.


In the event that you need to ever repair the machine, just let us know. We will be sending a full manual with tips on how to repair and care for your table, along with lifetime tech support. You will be able to fix most issues yourself easily and we will ship you the parts. But if you need to, you can send it back to us for repairs. In addition, if you are unhappy with your purchase of the  Pacman Galaga Arcade for any reason 60 days after purchase, simply send it back for a full refund and we will take care of the rest!

We hope you enjoy your purchase of this  Classic Arcade piece of history from the 80s, when Pac man was king! Hurry and purchase yours soon. There are ghosts following you and cherries to eat.

UPC: 802749000835


Pac Man Table Arcade and the 60 classic 80's arcade games 

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