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Do! Run Run Arcade Game

Do! Run Run Arcade Game



You Can Now get Do! Run Run Arcade Game along with other Williams arcade games released in the 80's

Williams Classic 80's Arcade Game Pac


Do! Run Run was produced by Universal in 1984.

Universal released 45 different machines in under this trade name, starting in 1977.

Other machines made by Universal during the time period Do! Run Run was produced include Super Don Quix-ote, Jumping Jack, Top Gear, Kick Rider, Adventure Mr. Do!, Eggs, Go Go Coaster, Mr. Do! Vs. Unicorns, Mr. Do!'s Castle, and Mrs. Dynamite.


Game Play

The object of the game is collect all the dots or destroy all the monsters on the screen to advance levels. Monsters can be destroyed by throwing a powerball at them or crushing them with a log. Monsters will change and become faster if they have not been destroyed after a certain amount of time.

Letters will appear somewhere among the fruit on the sceen. Collect all five letters in "EXTRA" and receive an additional Mr. Do!

If a diamond appears, collect it for a free game!

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