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Pool Table Cloth/Felt Installation How To and Tools

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Luckily for pool table owners, pool tables are quite durable and they don't need much maintenance or frequent repairs. Unless the table itself cracks or breaks, the only maintenance required is an occasional changing of the top felt. This is not a complex task, so you can learn how to felt a pool table on your own


Step 1.

Measure your pool table. Measuring will take the guess work out of sizing your felt cloth, resulting in a faster process and a cleaner result. When you purchase the felt for your table, make sure it is at least 12 inches longer than the table on all 4 sides.


Step 2.

Disassemble the pool table. Be very careful when disassembling as you don't want to scratch or scuff up your pool table in the process.

  • Remove the pocket liners. These should be relatively easy to remove.
  • Remove the outer railing from the pool table. The outer railing will be partly covered in felt, and this felt will be replaced when you re-felt the entire table. In order to remove the outer railing, you will need to remove the bolts on the underside of the table.
  • Remove the old felt from the table top. You will need to remove all of the staples that keep the felt pinned to the table. You can do this using a staple remover


Step 3.

Lay the new felt across the pool table. Make sure you check the new felt for any rips, scratches, or other defects. The extra 12 inches on all sides of the felt should be used to re-felt the outer railings.


Step 4.

Staple the new felt to your pool table if the slate is wood backed. ( If the slate is not wood backed you must glue the felt to the table using Pool Table Spray Glue) . Starting at the center of one end of the table, staple the felt across the entire edge every 3 inches. Move to the opposite end and repeat the process, making sure to pull the felt taut before stapling otherwise you may be left with bumps. Repeat for the remaining edges.


Step 5.

Staple and trim the felt at the pockets. Three slits should be enough to allow you to wrap the felt under the edge and staple it. After you've stapled the felt at the pockets, use a pair of scissors to snip off the excess felt.


Step 6.

Reassemble the outer railings, which should now be re-felted. If you're having a hard time finding where the bolts should go, you can push a screwdriver through the bolt holes as guidance.


Step 7.

Put the liners back into the pockets.

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