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Pool Table Lights

Tips on buying a Pool Table Light


Pool Table light are used to keep shadows off the pool table. So its important to select the corect light for the job and mount the pool table light at the correct height.

Typically a pool table light is going to hard-wire into the electrical of your home and use the wall on/off switch.

Selecting the correct light for the pool table size for your pool table

7ft and 8ft Pool tables use a 3 shade mounted on a bar about 52” long or use a 40" Hood style pool table light.
9ft pool table uses a 4 shade pool table light approximately 68" long

Mounting the pool table lights is just as important. Remember the reasion for the light is to make sure you have equal amount of light across the pool table with no shadows, BCA rules for mounting pool table light is 40" from the bed of the table to the botom of the fixture. Install the pool table light too high and you get shadows. If you install it too low the pool table light will give and uneven amount of light and be in the way of game play.

Click this link to see more on the BCA Rules for pool table light and how to install your pool table light