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Power Pong Beer Pong Arcade Game

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Power Pong™ features all the fun of classic Beer Pong, but with fully automated cups – eliminating any hygiene issues and making the Beer Pong a lot more fun. Power Pong Beer Pong Arcade Game Players attempt to beat their opponent by sinking all six of their cups first. As each successful ball is made – the cups retract into the patented table. Power Pong includes many features for commercial use like spill-resistant design, different re-racking options, timeout options, and tournament features. The game can be operated in you bar, pizza place, bowling center or in your home arcade
  • Fully waterproof
  • Play head-to-head with your friends!
  • Electronic roll down mech for commercial use
  • The first full retractable cup pong table in the coin-op world!
  • Modern LED Lighting.
  • Comes with ping pong ball to play with
  • Power Requirements: 110V / 60 HZ / 3A / 320W (standard household outlet)

How To Play PowerPong™

Press the start button on the table and 6 Plastic Cups will rise out of the table on each side.
Play as a single or as a pair. Each player or team sets up on the opposite sides of the table. One team elects to go first.
Attempt to toss the ping pong ball into one of the plastic cups at the opposite end of the table. If you make the ping pong ball, the "made" cup will go down and drop into the table. As each ball is made into a cup, the "made" cups continue to go down into table until there are no cups remaining. The player(s) that makes all the cups win. Alternate tosses back and forth between teams until one of the team sink all the cups on their opponents end. The players that make all the cups wins.