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Rally-X Arcade Game

Rally-X Arcade Game


You Can Now get Rally-X Arcade Game along with other Williams arcade games released in the 80's


Williams Classic 80's Arcade Game Pac


Rally-X was produced by Midway Manufacturing Co. in 1980.

Midway Manufacturing Co. released 124 different machines under this trade name, starting in 1959.

Other machines made by Midway Manufacturing Co. during the time period Rally-X was produced include Space Encounters, Space Invaders II, Space Zap, Extra Bases, Pac-Man, Super Speed Race, 18 Wheeler, Submarine, Phantom II, and 4 Player Bowling Alley.


Game Play

The player moves his car around the maze, avoiding several red cars that chase the player. The object is to collect ten yellow flags that are in the maze. The player can temporarily stun the red cars with its smokescreen. Every third round, the player must move around the maze collecting the flags before fuel runs out, and the cars start to move.


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