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Sky Kid Arcade Game

Sky Kid Arcade Game


You Can Now get Sky Kid Arcade along with other Williams arcade games released in the 80's

Williams Classic 80's Arcade Game Pac


Sky Kid was produced by Namco in 1985.

Namco released 285 different machines under this trade name, starting in 1978.

Other machines made by Namco during the time period Sky Kid was produced include Motos, Dig Dug II, Alien Sector, MetroCross, Vs. Battle City, Shoot Away, Gaplus, Super Xevious, Dragon Buster, and Grobda.


Game Play

A great fun game, features 40 levels of game play with increasing difficulty and longer missions, with multiple targets to bomb as you go along. Avoid on-coming enemy planes, ground fire and air-balloons. Nice feature in that if you are shot down you can hit the loop button repeatedly to get control back of the plane. Some hidden bonus features, such as shooting the three dancing girls that appear when you complete a mission they turn into flowers. Excellent music and the graphics are all in a cartoon style.


Screen Shots:

sky-kid-arcade-game-1.png sky-kid-arcade-game-2.png sky-kid-arcade-game-3.png