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What Size Is My Pool Table?

How To Measure Pool Table for Replacement Pool Table Cloth?

Learn how to determine how big your pool table is and measure for correct Pool Table Cloth Size or Pool Table Cover. There are lots of different cabinet styles and sizes, This is why you must measure the playing area of the pool table to get the correct size from the tip of each bumper. You can not tell the size of a pool table by measuring the outside length and width of the pool table. Measuring from bumper tip to bumper tip would be the playing surface. Use the chart and diagram below to determine the size of your pool table.

If ordering pool table felt and you have an 8 foot oversize pool table order the 9 foot size pool table cloth.


 What Size Is My Pool Table


If your pool table is smaller than 7 foot, just order 7 foot and cut to fit

7 Foot Pool Table, Playing Surface is 38"-40" W x 76"-80" L
8 Foot Pool Table, Playing Surface 44" W x 88" L
8 Foot Oversize Pool Table, Playing Surface is 46" W x 92" L Order 9 Foot
9 Foot Pool Table, Playing Surface is 50" W x 100" L
10 Foot Pool Table Playing Surface is 56" W x 112" L
if not sure always order a size larger and cut to fit.

Once you know what size pool table you have, Click here to see our Pool Table Cloth eliminator-leisure-pool-table-cloth-color-swatch.png

Don't forget to order your Pool Cue Chalk to Match Your New Pool Table Cloth master pool cue chalk
Don't forget to order a pool table cover to protect your cloth from spils or cuts pool table covers